Scuba diving, also referred to as Sport/Recreational diving, is an exciting and adventurous activity for all walks of life. We look forward to working with you to train and help take you to a new environment filled with adventure like no other.

We the STCSAC, have produced many safe, competent scuba divers over the years. Our training programme at inception was built on the strict rules and valued traditions of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), which has since evolved and is best judged by the quality of divers we continue to produce.

Novices are required to pass the "A Test", which is a group of physical fitness and water skill tests to qualify for the programme. Only on having successfully completed the "A Test" (yes, you can be failed...) do they commence training in the Snorkel Diver programme that is a prerequisite to moving on to SCUBA.

The "A TEST"

ALL tests in this group to be completed without equipment.

Group A

1. Swim 250m freestyle (except backstroke) without a stop.

2. Swim 100m backstroke without a stop.

3. Swim 50m wearing a 5kg weight-belt.

4. Float on back for 10 minutes (hand and leg movement permitted).

5. Tread water with hands above head for 2 minute.

6. Recover 6 objects from deep end (4m) of training pool (one dive per object).

N.B. – Item 3, Weight may be reduced for junior or female members, or for those with a low buoyancy index.

Based on individual performance, a student will be assigned to a Training Officer (Coach) who will help the student meet the required standards and progress to the next level of training.

Coach Ravin, overlooks students who fall short of our required swimming fitness.

Seniors and coaches, overlook students who fall short of our required water skills such as treading, floating and retrieving of objects from the deep end (4m) of the pool.

We conduct regular pool training every Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm at the S. Thomas' College Pool.

Fig 01 - A Test, Prep Talk

Fig 02 - A Test, in Progress

Fig 03 - Open Water Snorkel

Fig 04 - Open Water Snorkel

Fig 05 - Scuba Trainees

Fig 06 - Scuba Trainees

Fig 07 - Scuba Trainees

Fig 08 - Scuba Trainees


Just as with any sport there is a cost to purchasing Snorkel/Scuba gear. Each member is require to purchase their personal equipment; Mask, Snorkel and Fins (items not to be shared), while the club is equipped with scuba sets readily available for its members.

Club Equipment

  • Compressor.

  • Scuba sets and weight belts.

  • First aid kit.

Equipment Use

Club members are considered co-owners of club equipment, it is therefore the responsibility of all members to care for the equipment as it were their own.