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Thank you for showing interest to joining the STC Sub-Aqua Club. We meet every Saturday between 4 pm and 6 pm at S. Thomas' College Swimming Pool, Hotel Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia and are open to ALL who wish to learn to Scuba dive.

Please be kind enough to fill out the form under Contact Us if you wish to be a part of our Club training programmes and Snorkel/Scuba diving activities.

Why Chose Us!

We are a non-profit organization focused on teaching and not selling you a product. So if you are interested in learning to dive right and not in a hurry to get certified, then the STCSAC is for you. We actively encourage the training of young ones in snorkelling and have members as young as 8 years old taking part in snorkel training activities. We also engage with parents and make it a family event when going on diving trips.

We are the 1st British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) Branch B2613 in Sri Lanka, offering Snorkel/Scuba diving and BSAC qualifications to our members.

Our instructors teach divers and snorkellers to become safe, confident and self-reliant. Rescue skills are taught from the onset of training as a basic requirement to go out to sea. Quality time (in person) is spent with highly trained instructors to ensure you learn more effectively.


The British Sub-Aqua Club is the governing body for underwater activities in the UK. BSAC membership provides its members a variety of benefits, with a third party insurance cover being the most prominent of them all.

So join BSAC today and gain many other benefits that come with joining through us. You may use the step by step guide to joining BSAC through us to ensure you complete the process successfully. 


Membership to the STC Sub-Aqua Club is Rs, 1000/- registration and Rs 3,000/- annual subscription per year.

BSAC Full Membership is £33 per year and will reduce the higher your Dive Grade goes.

Required Documents to Obtain Membership

1. Completed Application and Medical Declaration Forms (will be emailed to you following the completion of the online form) 

2. Scuba qualifications if any (either a photocopy or scanned image will do)

3. Payment Slip or Transfer Copy (pls state name on either when making payment)

All documents must be handed over to a club officer, preferably to either the Secretary or Diving Officer at training or a club event. In turn you will receive an official receipt acknowledging payment and a membership card that you must carry for training at all times.

Please note that the club reserves the right to refuse membership to anybody without any reasons whatsoever. Additionally, the Diving Officer reserves the right to evaluate the applicants diving skills prior to membership and/or prior to engaging in any diving activity.

Please contact the Diving Officer or the Club Secretary for any membership related queries.