STCSAC Year Plan In General

Jan to Apr

- AGM (Jan)

- Exhibition Dive at the OBA lunch (Feb)

- Participation at Rendezvous (Feb)

- Reef/wreck Clean-up (Feb/Mar)

- Low visibility dive expedition (Feb/Mar)

- Dive trip Hikkaduwa/Kalpitiya (Mar/Apr)

- First Aid Programme (Mar)

May to Sep

- Monsoon Fin

- STCSAC vs STCSDU Underwater Hockey Tournament

- STCSAC vs SLSAC Underwater Hockey Tournament

- Dive trip East coast

- Record breaking challenge

Oct to Dec

- Beach Clean-up (Oct)

- Exhibition Dive at the Lower School Swimming Gala (Oct)

- Dive trip down south (Dec)

- Christmas party

  • Club training programmes are conducted every Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm at the S. Thomas’ College pool.

  • Open water Snorkel/SCUBA dives are organised during the West Coast diving season (November to April) and East Coast (May to October). Every attempt is made to accommodate all who wish to participate. The exact location, depth etc. depends on the proficiency of the participants.

Note: Snorkel dives are conducted, especially at the beginning of the season.

  • During the Southwest monsoon (May to October) open water activities do not cease entirely: Fin swims are conducted from the Mount Lavinia beach. Although not compulsory, beginners are encouraged to participate in these and learn early identification and coping with high surf, rough water and both surface and underwater currents; The Underwater Hockey Tournaments and other record breaking challenges are in fact some of the years highlights that create much hype withinthe club.

  • Talks/lectures to be conducted (Guest speaker) once a month if possible.